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My mission is to take your manuscript (aka your baby) and work alongside you to give it the care and attention it needs to grow into a future New York Times Best Sellers list contender.

I also offer services for smaller editing projects like academic papers, blogs, and emails.

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Developmental Editing

This type of editing is considered a part of the round one revisions (after any Self-editing or Beta-reads). It is sometimes referred to as Substantive editing and aims to look at the manuscript as a whole in terms of content, structure, characters, and narrative voice.

Line Editing

This is the second part of your editing process. After your Developmental editing is completed, Line editing steps in to take your finely-tuned manuscript and look at the prose specifically. I look at each sentence individually and also each paragraph as a whole looking at both grammatical and esthetic points.


This is the  last step. If you plan to self-publish, I would recommend following up with a basic Proofreading just for good measure. But this should get out all the kinks when it comes to grammar, spelling, basic fact checking, and word usage.

          Hello, my name is Lizzie Thornton and I am a freelance editor and book coach who specializes in helping women writers of strong female protagonists. Lately, a lot of my time has been dedicated to my role as Co-Director and Editor of Cardigan Press, an imprint of Polish and Pitch. Our debut anthology centered around the theme "Writing Life" is set to publish in August 2021.

       The world of literature has always been a safe space for me. Growing up, I was awkward and weird, didn’t make friends very easily, and being in a military family that moved every two to three years didn’t help much. I found my solace inside books. I wrote stories all the time and dreamed of becoming a famous author. It wasn’t until I studied Literature at the University of South Carolina that I discovered my favorite classes were the workshops, because that’s when I helped other writers shape their work creatively into something brilliant. When I read an author’s story that they’ve entrusted to me, I am dedicated and bound to crafting their words, making it even more powerful. My purpose is not to change your art, but to help better position it in a gallery so more people can be swept away by your words. 
These days, you can normally find me with coffee or wine in hand, trying to balance my business with being a full-time mom to my 2 year old son, Romeo. (Yes, I do need to update my photo!) Disclaimer: there is no balance. In my free moments, I enjoy trying new recipes and practicing yoga, but I mainly hang out with Romeo and his father, along with Freya, the Pitbull and
Hercules, the Chihuahua. I absorb all things related to productivity, wellness, and powerful women. You can find my musings on those topics, in addition to books and writing, on my blog. I am currently booking only coaching clients until April 2021.

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Book Coaching

For writers of strong female protagonists

I help you along each page of your novel and support you along the way with page deadlines, emotional support,  plotting, and motivation...all tailored to your individual needs.

Online Tutoring

"You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what's burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke."

--Arthur Plotnik

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