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Editing Services: Services

Manuscript Evaluation

What's Included

This is the best option for figuring out what needs work in your manuscript, whether it is just the first ten chapters, a completed manuscript, or anything in between. I read your book for the same elements as a Developmental edit, looking more specifically at the books strengths and weaknesses, and provide you with an editor review letter that analyzes the key elements listed below.


  • Plot

  • Character Arcs

  • Structure and Organization

  • Clarity

  • Editorial Issues/Suggestions


  • Readership

  • Style

  • Organization

  • Content

  • Clarity

Developmental Edit



This is the first round of the editing process. It's sometimes referred to as "in-depth" or "substantive" editing. It aims to look at the manuscript as a whole in terms of content, structure, characters, and narrative voice. I will read the novel through twice, the second time marking up with track changes, adding suggestions and comments–again focusing on the story itself, not grammar. I will then write a detailed editorial report discussing the following:

  • Pacing and Development

  • Voice and Tone

  • Plot and Subplot (fiction)

  • Character Development (fiction)

  • World Building (fiction)

  • Scene Building (fiction)

  • Narrative and Chapter Order (nonfiction)

  • Target Audience and Relatability (nonfiction)

  • WIIFM (nonfiction)

  • Supporting Evidence (nonfiction)

  • Coherence (nonfiction)

This assessment also focuses on what's working and what isn't working overall. There is a "second pass" option after editing, if desired, for an additional fee.

Line Edit



This is the second step in the editing process. After your Developmental editing is completed, Line editing takes your fine-tuned manuscript and looks at the prose specifically. I look carefully at:

  • Transitions

  • Consistency of Tone

  • Repetition of Words and Phrases

  • Word Choice

  • Sentence Structure

  • Clarity

  • Extraneous Material

There is a lot of overlap at this phase of the editing process because it combines elements of copyediting and developmental editing. It is, nevertheless, its own separate, important entity needed to fully polish a manuscript.




This is the last step. If you plan to self-publish, I recommend following up with a basic Proofreading just for good measure. But this should get all the necessary kinks out when it comes to grammar, spelling, basic fact checking, and word usage. This step includes:

  • Track-Changes in document

  • Close attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors

  • Dialogue Formatting

  • POV

  • Repetition Check

  • Elements of Line Editing when directly included in a grammatical error that spreads throughout the sentence

Every Manuscript is Unique...

Therefore, so is the price for editing services.


     I couldn't possibly set a base price without first looking at your work in progress. Every book is unique and can come to me in many different forms and stages. For this reason, I offer a sample edit.  As a baseline, I use the guidelines outlined by the Editing Freelance Association, on the lower end range.  You can find that table here. But I reserve the right to tailor it according to the novel and the author's specific needs.

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