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My solution to Social Distancing

I have created a virtual book club, oh so creatively named...The Lady Lizzie Virtual Book Club, or #LadyLizzieBookClub.

Starting a book club has been on my mind for years. But I always found some kind of excuse standing in the way. I thought I didn't have enough time and that no one would make the 20 minute drive from downtown all the way to my house. I was positive that I was the only one who wanted a book club where we read multiple genres. I just didn't believe anyone would care enough to make it a priority if I'm being completely honest. Why bother?

But now, with Covid19 occupying everyone's time and space, the timing seemed to perfectly align. I knew that if I didn't start my book club now, I would really regret it. Besides that, I missed my friends and I needed to make adult time a part of my week. Thus, the Lady Lizzie Book Club was born.

This is a book club by the reader, for the authors. We read books that are written by Indie authors, books that need to be showcased from a genuine place. Since this is a virtual book club, all the books are required to be offered digitally in some form. There's a lot of group interaction on our Facebook group and surprise challenges and guests, as well as weekly zoom meetings complete with wine, coffee, or tea--whatever your poison. Also, this is a no spoiler book club. We all read at the same pace, and if you do choose to read ahead, we ask you not post or attend meetings until the last meeting of the month.

Our very first book club pick for #IndieApril is The Dime Box by Karen Grose. It’s a mystery novel that centers on Greta, a girl of 18, who’s been accused of killing her father, which opens up a whole mess of memories and pain. It brings up some important issues like domestic violence and trauma, that can sometimes be difficult to talk about. But sharing the stories that are the most difficult can sometimes be truly transformative not only for the writer, but for the readers as well. Interacting with the group members about this story has been both thought provoking and a way to keep me sane during these crazy times.

I can't wait to see what the future holds for this book club. If you would like to have your book considered for the master list, or if you are interested in joining the book club, please email me at or send me a DM on Instagram @iamladylizzie. I would love to hear from you !

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