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The Moon Warriors: A Novella - A Review

Author: Kayla Krantz

Genre: Paranormal Romance Novella

Publisher: Kayla Krantz

Editor: Raven Heidrich

Publication Date: October 2018

Pages: 120

Synopsis: A Coven of witches and a group of demons have been at war for centuries and now live in peace under an agreement. The terms are simple—members of either side are not permitted to cross the boundary. When Talia’s beloved is killed, she immediately suspects a demon is behind it and crosses the border to search for the culprit. On the other side, however, she meets her first demon, named Marcus, and her entire belief system is turned upside down. With the help of Marcus and Talia’s familiar, Mushroom, she gets to the bottom of her sweetheart’s death and learns the importance of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.


  • I can read this book in one sitting, or there are logical stopping points. AND it's perfect for the season. Halloween moods.

  • Talia, the main character, is a realistic heroine. We see her strengths and her weaknesses throughout the book but the whole time she remains a woman who has been broken but is determined to keep going.

  • The fantasy world is laid out simply and without too much or too little detail. I haven't read a lot of Novellas but I wondered if it would seem rushed or leave questions for readers. This book definitely does not. The author gives the details that are needed perfectly.

  • There is mentioning of mental health issues in this book. This is so rare to find in a fantasy book. I love that it is woven into the story effortlessly. It makes the characters seem more realistic and human in a fantastical world.

  • PLOT TWIST! Inside this novella, lies a plot twist that I truly did not see coming. So hard to do these days. Bravo, my dear, bravo.


  • Marcus. I like him but I questioned the believability of his character at certain points.

Favorite Scene: The final showdown. That's all I will say, no spoilers here. But it was truly gripping. I was on the edge of my seat, completely unsure of the outcome.

Favorite Quote:

"You are the light to my darkness and I am the darkness to your light because without one, there cannot be the other,"

Final Thoughts: This book is perfection for the fall season, even making references to pumpkin patches. The characters and world is enticing and creative, very different from anything I've seen in a while. You will fall in love with at least one of the characters. I'm dying to read more about Talia. She is such an amazing and brave woman. I need a spinoff series. Give it a read, it's worth your time.



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