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5 TV Shows Featuring #BossBabes That You Need To Be Watching

1. Girlboss

This show only gets number five on the list because for SOME REASON Netflix decided to cancel it. I am super depressed about this because they definitely could have done another season and made it spectacular. The show stars Britt Robinson as the character of Sophia Amoruso, who, if you didn’t know, is the founder of NastyGal. The show follows her journey from not knowing what the hell to do with her job to becoming a businesswoman and starting her own business. It is truly inspiring and knowing that it’s based off someone real makes it even more compelling. It definitely sets a fire in your soul to work hard to get what you want.

2. The Legend of Korra

Yes, I know it seems silly to put a cartoon on a list about girl bosses. But Korra is a force to be reckoned with and deserves a spot on this list. The anime series follows Korra, who is the Avatar meant to bring peace and unite all the nations in the world, which are split into different sections based on the element they “control”. The Avatar can control all four elements. It’s a crazy and magical fantasy world but the show deals with some real tough concepts like how to be a leader, finding out where you belong, meditation and self-acceptance, and perseverance through hard times. Along with keeping you on the edge of your seat, this show digs deep into what it means to be your own true self and how to make yourself (and thus your business) even more amazing.

3. Younger

Absolutely, hands down, one of THE BEST shows I have had the pleasure of watching EVER. It comes on TV Land, which is completely random to me but this show is not like anything you would expect from that channel. It is witty. It is challenging social norms. It is defining what it means to be a woman today at every age. The quick synopsis is a woman decided to lie about her age in order to land a job in the publishing industry and ends up creating a whole new life for herself and deeply effecting everyone around her. I LOVE this show and it is extremely motivating and touching.

2. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I heard about this show simply because it was from the producers of Gilmore Girls and I am a die hard fan. With that being said, the show does not disappoint. It is set in the late 1950s and deals with the lovely housewife Mrs. Maisel breaking through the societal expectations set for her and creating a life of her own that she actually loves. It is hilarious (she is pursuing comedy) and also extremely realistic and raw. The way they deal with her struggle to even begin the pursuit of her passion is relatable to all of us. It will make you cry, make you laugh, and ultimately push you towards achieving your own dreams.

1. The Bold Type

I saved the best for last. It’s really hard for me to choose which show I loved the best but this one covers everything from racial stereotypes to sexual harassment all the way down to the meaning of true friendship. It focuses on three incredible young women in their twenties, all working for the same magazine but in different fields. The show not only explores their friendship and relationships but really gets down to the grit of working towards the top. They all are in different places in their career and deal with many obstacles. But their drive is absolutely captivating and really makes you want to work on, whatever it is you want out of life. It gives you hope, without being unrealistic. Watch it, you won’t regret it. I promise.

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